6m Gazebo

6x3m Marquee

3x3m Marquee



Our marquees are perfect for paved areas and difficult situations,such as decks and courtyards – the adjustable height systemmeans they can easily be aligned with many rooflines.Quick set up times which are not labor intensive meanswe can keep our rates down to a minimum and have a Marquee up and then down quick as a flash withoutthe fuss of ropes etc.


Instant Marquee Systems FNQ Offer:
*Attractive well maintained marquees
* Fast, no-fuss installations
* Different sizes, which can fit in the most difficult of places
* Seven day delivery, installation and pick-up
* Courteous service from all our staff
* Weight bags for paved areas
* Special rates for large events


6m Gazebo 
Capacity - 25 People Seated
Setup Time - 15 Minutes 
Colour White


3x3m Marquee 
Capacity - 10 People Seated
Setup Time - 30 Seconds 

6x3m Marquee 
Capacity - 20 People Seated
Setup Time - 1 Minute 
Side panels available on all sizes


Capacity - 88 People seated.
Setup Time - 20  Minutes
Colour – White


Our tents are kept clean and always in good repair
so you can rest assured that you will have modern
clean marquees for any event.